Preparation of original files

Vallespín specialises in the treatment and preparation of files for the photomechanical transfer, in order for them to be ready for printing at an industrial level.
We start from the design provided by the client and perform the necessary work: adaptation, layout, any text changes, bar code symbology, photo retouching, until the final approval by the client.
We take into consideration each material and media on which will be printed the work. This is what differentiates Vallespín from most of the photomechanical or pre-press graphic studios. The works are executed and checked considering the media, since each of them has its own peculiarities and characteristics.
We have extensive experience in different printing systems and media, which makes us qualified in advising our customers of different possibilities for the preparation of the final product.

Based on the design provided by the client, perform all work necessary to reach optimal results.​

preparation of original files

Vectorized files

Vallespín has extensive experience in the creation and manipulation of vectorized original files.
Vectorized files manipulation is a characteristic that has become essential. The progress and evolution of information technology, have led to a massive invasion of new fonts, that in many cases the media are not able to process correctly, causing errors in the texts such as the replacement of a letter by a symbol, etc.. This is a typical mistake produced by the fonts. It is very important to consider this factor, as it can occur at any time.

Vallespín has extensive experience in the generation and manipulation of original vectorized.​

vectorized files


In Vallespín we have an extensive experience in the creation, control, manipulation, retouching and scanning of films. This is possible thanks to an extensive technical knowledge such as emulsions, screen rulings, graduation frame, four-color, Pantone, Ral etc.

  • Creation of films
  • Control of films
  • Manipulation and retouching of films
  • Scanning of films



Vallespín offers all kinds of proofs and tests: traditional color paper, cardboard or metal supports with varnish finish, color proofs controlled with densitometer, offset or digital proofing and testing.

  • Proofs and tests of color paper cardboard or metal supports.
  • Color proofs with densitometer.
  • Offset / digital proofs.


Industrial printing control

When the client requests it, we can control the printing process in the customer's premises or the print house. We have an extensive experience in controlling printing and the operation of the machine, for example the control of drawing printing point, plot, pressure, color, intensity, or control of ink, plate, insolation or FTP.

  • Possibility to control the printing process.


Private area in the web

In our Website, we offer our clients an FTP service to upload and download their original files safely from their private area, that they can access with username and password. The original files are saved for five years.

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