Metal graphic industry

Vallespín has over 40 years of experience with companies in this industry. In the metal graphic industry, we develop all kinds of packaging (drums of more than 220 liters, industrial packaging, aerosols, lids, decorative elements, engravings etc.) using offset printing, serigraphy, pad printing. All this is supervised with the peculiarities of metal printing and with the needed rigor in the processes for the production of packaging (due to the cost of the material itself). There is no room for error.

  • Adaptation of packaging design.
  • Prototyping.
  • Drums (industrial or up to 220 liters).
  • Packaging: industrial, aerosols, lids, crown lids.
  • Other: cases, reliefs and dies, engravings, decorative elements.

INDUSTRIES: Paint industry, oil and petroleum products, food products, insecticides, even nuclear waste...  

CLIENTS: We collaborate with big multinationals, as well as drums, conventional packaging and aerosols​​.


Pharmaceutical industry

For over 25 years, Vallespín began offering its services in packaging material to the multinationals of the pharmaceutical industry.

We developed all kinds of packaging materials (boxes, leaflets, labels, aluminum...) all this, of course, with the special care that is required in the healthcare industry, both in the rigor of the process, as well as the treatment of materials. Undoubtedly, the experience that brings us to work for the pharmaceutical industry demands to be methodical and rigorous in all processes.

  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Cases
  • Brochures / Data Sheets
  • Blisters
  • Boxes (packaging in general)
  • Envelopes and aluminum complex
  • Displays (trade marketing)
CLIENTS: Bayer, Novartis, Kern.
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Other sectors

Vallespín can bring his experience and know-how in other areas, in which there is the need for graphic design, pre-press and printing, such as the publishing industry, product development, marketing and communications, events industry etc ...​

  • Everything related to printing (paper, cardboard, etc..)
  • Industrial services on paper and cardboard
  • Preparation and development of displays, POS, flyers.
  • Catalogs, brochures, leaflets, labels
  • Limited Editions / Special runs (painters)
  • Etc.


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