Founded in March 1970 by Julio Izquierdo and Pau Vallespín residing in Barcelona, I. Vallespin started with graphic design and small photomechanical (lithos), to eventually become specialists in metallographic (containers for paints, varnishes, aerosols, metal lids for glass jars crown cap, etc.. )

In 1972, after 2 years and due to the needs of our clients, I. Vallespín moved into a 300 sqm facility where they extended their photomechanical in order to do photochromic and set-up equipment for color proofing and insolation for our own printing machines and for our clients' metal graphic printing machines.

Ten years later in 1980, I. Vallespín started offering packaging material services for pharmaceutical laboratories (boxes, leaflets, blister packs, tags, etc..), these two branches being the best known business and that they still provide to their customers today.

In 1993 the facilities were adapted to the new digital technologies but I. Vallespín kept the know-how and equipments, making I. Vallespín the only company in Barcelona with the capacity of making engraver proofs.

In Vallespín we are very proud to have been able to adapt to new technologies and tools, by applying many years of experience, be able to take into account the different printed media as well as different printing systems.




Pau Vallespín is the co-founder of the company, together with Mr. Izquierdo. He founded the company with nine years of experience in administration and sales. He remains today a shareholder of the company.




Julio Izquierdo is the co-founder of the company, together with Mr. Vallespín. He founded the company with 10 years of experience as an illustrator and graphic designer. Later, he graduated in Fine Arts at the Massana School of Barcelona.